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Phone Addiction - A new drug that is killing Entire Generation

Fighting phone addiction and distraction - What’s going on? “The Internet is the world’s largest slot machine… And the smartphone is the world’s smallest slot machine.” Dr. David Greenfield,What people don’....
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by Admin, 7th March, 2018

6th March, 2018

Ways to Handle Child Who is TV or Mobile addict

Often in my training I come across common question about addiction! YES, KIDS ADDICTION TO TV/ MOBILE PHONES HAVE INCREASED AT ALARMING LEVELS and parents are struggling to find solutions! read on :...

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How Important is Your Sleep ? SHOCKING FACTS

How Important is Your Sleep ? Sleep helps in balancing our hormones. Sleep and its effects on teenagers and young-adults, Sleep helps in restoring our brain cells ...readmore...

27th February, 2018

15 year old kid from Mumbai inspires everyone to live with confidence and be fearless

Kunal says, Last few months have been a life changing experience for me. It's not only what I learnt that was powerful but the experience of being there led me to ask some critical questions internally about things that were holding me back on ...

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